LCA的 customer care department receives many calls about a wide range of topics: billing questions, water quality problems, questions about low pressure, a sky-high water bill, and many more.

然而,一个 high percentage of customers’ questions about LCA的 water service 是否与室内管道有关. 客户有责任 resolving interior plumbing issues, as well as maintaining the customer portion of the water or sewer service line that runs from 这条街进了房子.

If LCA is called out to address an issue that is 客户’s responsibility, a $50 Site Visit Fee will apply ($150 for after-hours calls). 因此, 帮助 you troubleshoot issues you are experiencing, please take a look at the troubleshooting guides provided below before calling LCA:


A picture of someone fitting foam insulation over a water pipe to protect it from freezing, to illustrate an LCA blog post on protecting pipes and water meters.

Prep your pipes and water meter for winter weather!
查看我们的 教学视频 with low-cost tips to insulate pipes and keep them from freezing.


A common question customers have is what they 负责 when there is a water or sewer issue. Please select your service area below and view a diagram that explains what LCA is financially responsible for and what you, 客户, 负责.

找到 & 修复漏洞

检查 出这个 信息图表 to 了解泄漏是如何累积起来的!

这是一个 video 从美国.S. Environmental Protection Administration WaterSense program 帮助 you find and fix leaks in your home.

使用方便 检测和追踪泄漏检查表 帮助.

染料测试所有厕所 检测泄漏. A leaking flapper in the toilet tank can be a sneaky leak because you may not hear it. 看我们的 video 学习如何!


大多数 often, unless we are experiencing a water main break in your area, low pressure problems are caused by issues inside your home such as a clogged faucet aerator or a malfunctioning pressure reducing valve. Even if you are completely out of water, the issue is often a result of a problem inside your home, such as a frozen pipe during winter or 一个阀门关闭了,影响了你的供水.

To 了解更多,请下载我们的 LCA 指南-Low压力 指南.


If you have a high water / sewer bill, and the bill indicates the meter reading is an “Actual” reading, that means the volume of water you were billed for was accurately measured by your water meter. LCA has no way of investigating where the water goes after it 通过你的水表. 在故障排除指南中,我们 provide some helpful hints and tips for how to find leaks or determine if that high volume of water is still flowing through your meter.

To 了解更多,请下载我们的 高 水费处理指南.


If you received a water bill from LCA that is marked “E” or “estimated,” LCA was unable to obtain an accurate meter reading for that particular billing cycle and your bill was estimated based 在您以前的使用历史. 如果我们能解决这个问题 during the next billing cycle, your bill will be adjusted to reflect 你的实际用水量. “估计”水费的原因 may include any type of physical barrier that makes your meter readout inaccessible including excessive snow or ice, overgrown shrubbery, or other meter related issues, in which case your bill will be estimated until we can determine the source of the problem.

一旦获得“实际”或“A”仪表读数, the difference between the estimated usage and actual usage may make your bill seem higher than normal, 然而, the bill is catching up with actual consumption that was not billed for when an estimate was used. If the estimated usage was higher than the actual usage credit will appear on your account, 哪些可以用于未来的账单.


If you have a sewer backup and LCA is your sewer service provider, we can help, but we are not responsible for unclogging customer service 管道或室内水管. 你可以检查下水道清理箱 查看废水是否正常流动. 如果是,则备份是一个 内部有问题,你得叫个管道工来. 你应该 also be sure to remove trees to avoid tree root growth over your service line, and avoid flushing larger items such as diapers, wipes, 食品、卫生巾、油脂等.


如果您的物业有E/One研磨泵, 有时警报可能会响起, and it is important to know the proper steps to take. Please refer to this information guide for helpful instructions: E-One磨床泵用户指南


If you are noticing a buildup of white scale on your faucets, or on your dishes after the dishwasher runs, this is caused by water hardness – calcium and other minerals that are naturally present in our water 供应. Some customers also notice white particles in ice cubes or a 烧开水后锅上有白色薄膜. LCA不处理 water to remove these minerals as they are essential for human health, and the choice to remove calcium from your water is a 每个客户的个人决定. 如果你正在经历很多 issues with water hardness and white deposits, you should speak with a plumber about your options for installing a water softener.


检查 out questions and answers about Boil Water Advisories for helpful tips & 信息: 


Occasionally LCA will ask customers to conserve water during our work.

还是有问题? 没有问题!

随时欢迎你来 菠菜靠谱老平台 to discuss any service issues you are experiencing or use the 报告问题 表格提交您的信息. LCA的菠菜网最稳定正规平台团队将为您提供帮助!

Need information about your water or sewer service line?

供水分支:如果你需要关于……的信息 供水支线 pipe connected from the water main in the street up to the curb box in front of your property, 请电邮至  info@amigasdiscretas.net.

请注意 – neither LCA nor the City of Allentown has developer plans or “as-built” documentation with information regarding 客户’s 私人方面 water pipes, which is the portion from the curb box into your dwelling. 有关私人部分的信息, please contact a licensed plumber or master plumber of your choice.

污水渠支线: For City of Allentown properties, you may request 下水侧管 通过电子邮件向我们发送信息 info@amigasdiscretas.net. We will provide a map with the approximate location of this privately owned pipe.